Following the Equator – International Film Festival Maldives

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The International Film Festival “Following the Equator” – is a significant event in the world of cinema. The first of its kind in the Maldives and it aims to gather representatives of different ages, interests and backgrounds at one place. To keep them united by a common love of the arts, tourism and sports.

Entries will include movies about interesting and unique places on the planet, the culture and history of countries and their events: lasting from 1 to 13 minutes.

The festival involves professional, amateur and student films, programs and video -films about tourism, science, nature, sports and interesting tourist, cultural and historical sites in different countries.

1. Mountain
2. Water
3. Ethnographic
4. Adventure (extreme)
5. Pilgrimage
6. Cognitive
7. Science
8. Environmental
9. The unique tourist site*
10. Sports

• Documentary / nonfiction films -no more than 13 minutes
• Animation -no more than 13 minutes
• Feature film -not bolee13 minutes
• Clip (music video) is not more than 5 minutes**
• One-minute film (free form) -1 minute

Interested in applying?
Click here to download the application form. Email the filled application along with the video to

*Category “A unique tourist site” has the following conditions: The film tells about a tourist site, a landmark
**«Clip» Genre has the following conditions: a musical film, which is based on a song or a melody (a second melody is allowed for the initial and end titles).


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