Work and life in paradise!

Hello, my name is Zsuzsi, I just started my career in The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi a bit more than a month ago. Even though it’s not much time, seems so much more. With all the activities, the wonderful staff around me, the job that gives me lots of joy and experience I feel like I have been here for lot longer.

I still cannot have enough of the view of the turquoise lagoon, the wonderful sunsets, the feel of the white sand on my toes and of the delicious meals day by day.

This island is paradise on Earth and I just figured out this week that there is a tiny heaven in the paradise as a cherry on top, which is our Spa by Thalgo. I happened to have a nice treatment in our Spa and without exaggerating, every minute was pampering.

Telling something less wonderful, we work hard here but play hard too. Enjoying every minute of the time here, all the facilities are provided to have an easy life that will be an experience for a lifetime.

– Zsuzsanna Szentesi, Sales Manager


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