Plan the perfect destination wedding


Plan the perfect destination wedding

Maldives is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and many couples dream of escaping there to get married, and there’s nothing surprising about it! Maldives’ versatile nature and beauty lets you choose beach, tropical or any other wedding theme because there are a lot of venues that will provide you everything you need.

Adorable beaches, bold tropical trees, breathtaking landscapes – every couple will find a picturesque place to tie the knot here. Mix beach and tropical decor, use lush fresh Maldivian flowers and big palm leaves, take fruit not only for food but also as decor, for example, pineapples look gorgeous as centerpieces.

Maldives is like one of wonders of the world – beautiful, unique, inimitable, and if you’ve decided to choose it, you’ll never regret.

Choosing the right location
Don’t block the view! Getting married on the beach? Use the maximum of the view. Having a view that is different from what you and your guests see every day is one of the best parts of a destination wedding. Use it to your advantage.


Local Foliage
Foilage add color and texture to the setting. Consider palm leaves, bougainvilleas, banana leaves with accents of periwinkles or hibiscus to add a traditional but chic statement to the outdoor settings.


Herb Toss
Skip the petals: It’s so much more fragrant to use fresh herbs that have been dried. Source locally grown herb and herb flowers.


Welcome bags
When friends and family arrive at the wedding destination – welcome them with arms wide open and a useful welcome bag. It could include traditional Maldivian sarongs and hats.


Set the stage with soothing music – either from the authentic Boduberu drumming or a classic acoustic cover up.


Express your style. Dress the tables up or down with candles, flowers and flatware. Let the table be a canvas!


Your journey begins here.

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